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The company insists that the value of human capital preservation and appreciation is rooted in the overall promotion of the quality and skills of all positions and employees, and advocates the learning concept of "perfecting oneself and transcending the self". The instructor system, which is based on internal part-time lecturers and external experts, has formed a diversified training form combining post tutorial system, classroom teaching and self-study of employees.

Employees can enjoy rich training package, including new staff induction training, pre-job training, professional and technical lecture, on-the-job training, management training and promotion to increase training, performance excellent employees will also enjoy the MBA education training, Chinese and foreign famous lectures and send from the training, etc

Recruiter: salesman

Location: Maanshan HeXian

Wage and treatment:

Recruiting numbers:1人

Requirements: company correspondence processing, telephone contact record, understanding computer.

Job description: responsible for reception, correspondence processing, telephone contact, computer.