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Valve market trend analysis and development recommendations

Date:2017-10-07 Views:448

At present, the domestic valve production backbone enterprises can according to ISO international standards, the German DIN standards, AWWA standard American international standard design and manufacture all kinds of valves, such as part of the manufacturer's products reached the international advanced level.

Although the overall level of the New Year valve industry has been improved greatly, the quality is not stable enough, such as running, running, dripping, leakage, the domestic valve often appears. In addition, the matching capacity of China's valves also has a certain gap compared with developed countries. How to deal with the market competition of valve industry.

On the whole, the price of the valve market in China is relatively stable, although it is slightly up and down every year, but it is very small. Recently, taiyuan and tianjin inspected the valve market, and found that many enterprises were seriously disrupting the valve market in order to make a profit.

The main problems in the valve market are:

1. Some operators purchase valves that have no factory name, print famous brands and certificates, and cause serious damage to the reputation of qualified valve enterprises.

Second, the valve is refurbished, and some operators sell the old valve for the second time after repainting, which brings serious security risks to the project quality.

Development trend of valve industry in China:

1. Construction is just like the development of a large scale, so it requires large diameter and high pressure relief valve and pressure relief valve, as well as fast closing valve.

2. Energy efficiency is energy conservation, and the steam transmission valve should be developed from the perspective of energy saving, and the high parameter development of subcritical and supercritical is also developed.

3, city construction, also want to transition to a direction of energy saving and environmental protection, before the use of low pressure valves, general iron check low-pressure valve, in particular, now to the environmental protection rubber plate valve, balance valve, the transition metal sealing butterfly valve and the midline sealing butterfly valve, oil and gas engineering gradually to the development of pipelining, need more flat gate valve and ball valve.

4. For the needs of the complete set of engineering, the production of valve suppliers should be developed to multiple specifications. The valve that a project needs can let a manufacturer satisfy already become a kind of trend.

The valve market in our country has basically formed the state, collective, joint venture, shares and private private coexistence. If an enterprise wants to develop steadily in the fierce market competition, it can start from the following aspects.

1. Strive to reduce production costs and focus on improving product performance and efficiency.

2. Develop new high - grade products or produce small batches of non-standard products.

3. International quality certification through valve products.

4. Valve products should be developed in the direction of environmental protection and energy conservation.

5. On the basis of the original valve variety, expand the valve production of other varieties and models.